Mixing is largely a matter of taste, and there are thousands of ways that one could mix any given song or production. That being said, mixing is an art form that, like any other art or craft, requires basic inborn talents that improve through experience and practice while being enhanced by having the proper tools or instruments. 

By using both hi-end digital and analog gear we achieve the best of both worlds: the convenience, editability, and liquidity of ProToolsHD and the familiar, warm, classic sound of analog that we all know and love.  

Of course, the most valuable pieces of equipment we own are our ears, along with 30 plus years of experience producing, mixing, and mastering music.

If you want us to master your tracks as we mix them we have special pricing and your mastering costs will be greatly reduced.  We will deliver WAV files in any format (usually 16 bit 44.1k) and MP3s as well.