Composing is what we love to do most. It is our art and our craft.  It has also been the main part of our business and our livelihood for over 35 years.  Our resume says it all.  We’ve written and produced music for hundreds of satisfied clients, been nominated for two Emmys, won a prestigious Art Directors Award, contributed songs to Hollywood films, scored off-Broadway plays, and penned dozens of familiar jingles for some of the world’s best loved products. To put it concisely, we have a lot of experience creating music and sound for just about anything.

Do you need original music?

Perhaps you have a project that needs music and sound that is unique and fits a specific set of parameters. Maybe you’re an ad agency that is looking for a product driven jingle, or an indie filmmaker with a creative concept that requires a tailored thematic score. Whatever the circumstances, only a professional composer and sound designer can provide you with custom made music and sound that will bring your creative vision to life.

 At Desisto Music, we feel strongly that listening to you, asking the right questions about your project, and then offering you a complementary, creative direction is the best way to achieve artistic success. We look forward to having a phone, skype or email conference with you to discuss how we may work together to make your project the best that it can be.