The recipe for making a great recording depends on a touch of magic occurring at some point in the process. As musical chefs, it isnt easy to know when or how that magic will happen. That is why there are so many varying stories about the production of the classic records that we know and love. Tracking Pop or Rock albums can take many months, as artists hunker down in the studio experimenting with sounds, spaces, arrangements, etc. Many great Jazz records are laid down in a few days or even hours and are all about spontaneity, improvisation, and great live performances. Folk and Country artists generally strive for natural ambiance and instrumental tone while Rap, Modern R&B and Dance records make innovative use of sampling and computer technology to create fresh beats and vocal textures.

Whatever the style, the recipe remains the same:

Producers must always see to it that these ingredients are in place and then, if necessary, lead the performers into a space where those elusive magical moments come pouring out of them. Even the most accomplished artists strive to break their own boundaries and go beyond themselves. The best producers provide them with the opportunity to do so.


Recording and Production at Desisto Music

Whether you are making a full length album, doing some preproduction, or just recording a demo, you are undoubtedly interested in getting the best, most professional sound quality possible, at a reasonable cost. After a consultation, well help you choose the best course of action for your project based on your goals, your musical style, and your budget. Its possible that we can record and produce your whole CD at our well appointed production studio.

For larger, live band projects, well guide you through the process of choosing a world class studio, determining how much time to book, finding musicians (if necessary), and preparing for the tracking sessions. Creating click tracks, rough guide vocals, written arrangements, and laying down preproduction demos can go a long way toward saving you time and money in the studio.


The Clubhouse Studio

Thomas Desisto, Eric Margan, Roland Mousaa, David Amram, and Richie Havens in the Clubhouse Studio

For the last 5 years, the Clubhouse Studio in Rhinebeck, NY has become our outside, world-class studio of choice. We are now offering production packages which include days of tracking at this outstanding facility with Tom Desisto producing and engineering. With its large, ambient main room, several excellent iso-rooms and booths, incredible mike collection, and selection of well-maintained vintage gear, the Clubhouse is an excellent choice for recording any style of music. Our clients are thrilled with the recordings weve made there. We are too. You can hear the results in many of our production samples.


Have Ears, Will Travel

Although based in upstate NY and New York City, Tom Desisto is available to produce and engineer in any studio of your choice anywhere in the world. It would be our pleasure to help you fulfill your musical goals in whatever circumstances are most comfortable for you. Pricing is negotiable depending on time and location.


Pricing and Packaging

We custom-tailor recording packages to fit your needs and budget. Below are some pricing and packaging proposals.

All Desisto Music pricing includes Tom Desisto engineering and producing.

Desisto Music hourly: $60
Desisto Music daily (ten hours): $500
Desisto Music consecutive 4 days: $1750

The Clubhouse with Tom Desisto:
Daily: $1400
5 days: $6500

Five Day Combo: $4000
2 days tracking in the Clubhouse plus 3 days at Desisto Music overdubbing, mixing, and mastering. Includes 3 hours of preproduction at Desisto Music.

Singer/Songwriters: Woodstock and the Hudson Valley are home to some of the greatest musicians of our time. We can hire them to bring your tracks to life and fill your album with stand out performances.

Out-of-Towners: We can arrange for accommodations if you want to come to our historic area to record with us, hire our local stars, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Catskill Mountains.


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